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Advanced Theme Editing Problem (2)

Posted: 01/06/2015 9:28:04 PM

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I am trying to edit the terms and condition, privacy policy etc. at the bottom of the advanced template. Clicking on Content Mode does not allow me to edit.

I clicked on Design Mode then edit block. I entered my company name where it says [company name]. When I try to save, I get this:

One or more fields on this form has an error.
Please move your mouse over the fields marked with red to see the error details.
File Contents - Failed to restore template "/core/admin_templates/platform/privacy.tpl" from backup.

I did not change any of the code, just replaced [company name] with my company name.



Posted: 01/07/2015 5:56:41 AM

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By the error you've getting you've using "Design Mode" (not "Content Mode") to edit content of a template. Because of this functionality requires to make your "/themes/" folder world-wide writable (777 permission) it was considered as non-secure (especially on shared hosting servers) and isn't recommended for usage. Also the editor used in there (CodePress - is reported as not working in major browsers and even isn't supported by the developer any more.

Instead I advise you to edit the corresponding TPL files directly under /themes/advanced/ folder. In this case file is called "/themes/advanced/platform/privacy.tpl" as you might have guessed from the error message.