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Directory Management

In-Link is a popular In-Portal module designed to manage Directories. It can be easily adapted for managing directories of any type or purpose (Classifieds, Paid Listings, Profiles, etc.). Applications of In-Link range from local and specialized directories, categorized listings of various types (businesses, real estate, restaurants, etc.) to online libraries, image and document repositories.


In-Link has all the features one would ever need to run an online directory or a classifieds website. In fact, In-Link has been continuously developed and improved over the past eight years and was initially one of the first solutions of its type on the Internet. In-Link is now used by millions of people worldwide in thousands of various applications and boasts more features and flexibility than virtually any other Directory Management solution today.

Directory Front-end Experience

In-Link not only allows your users to effectively view, navigate and search listings on your website; it also allows users to interact directly with your website while supplying your website with new content. In-Link allows users to suggest new listings, maintain their own listings, rate and review existing listings, and much more. In-Link automatically maintains top rated, new and most popular listings, editor picks and keeps track of various markers, counters and statistics on all categories and listings on your website.


In-Link comes equipped with tools for rating, reviewing, and sharing listings, allowing your users to interact with and contribute to the directory.

 Other Directory / Classifieds front-end features include:

  • Fully configurable and search engine friendly URLs
  • Support for unlimited number of categories and listings
  • Ability to fully customize each category and listing
  • Full Image gallery is built into each listing
  • Support for storing custom data of any format
  • Category-style navigation with breadcrumbs
  • Quick and advanced search
  • Listings can be sorted and/or filtered by any field
  • Users can post or recommend new listings
  • Users can rate, review listings and comment on them
  • Automatically track new, hot, popular and editor’s picks listings
  • Attach files to listings to allow users to download them
  • Ability to cross-reference with other listings and categories

Directory Administration & Link Tools


In-Link integrates directly into your In-Portal’s Administrative Console allowing you to manage your directory and listings along with every other aspect of your website. In-Link also comes with a wide range of tools to manage links to other websites, from built-in Link Validation to Duplicate Links Checker.


Paid Listings

One of the most popular applications for In-Link is running a directory or a catalog of paid listings. If you want to sell featured or more prominent listings, In-Link has a built-in solution for that. It fully integrates with In-Commerce - an e-commerce shopping cart to accept payments online and automatically manage paid listings on configurable terms, handle expirations, renewal notifications, upgrades and much more.


Other Directory management / administrative features include:

  • Fully integrates into the structure of the website
  • Manage any number of categories and listings
  • Sort, search, filter or mass-edit listings with ease
  • Cross-reference with other elements and sections of the website
  • Assign listings to users of the website for their management
  • Editorial review for incoming listings
  • Configurable front end output and search parameters
  • Configurable automatic e-mails associated with listings
  • Define custom information to be stored in each listing
  • Fully-featured Content Management for listings


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