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What is In-Portal?

In-Portal is a free open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows building, managing, and running websites and applications of various functionality and complexity without having to do any programming.  In-Portal has been used by thousands of websites for years, long before competing projects like Drupal and Joomla were even conceived.

About In-Portal


So you might have heard of In-Portal but don’t know what the hype is all about? No problem, this section will help you get a solid understanding of what In-Portal is and how it can help you with your project.

What is Content Management (CMS)?

Content Management System allows updating and managing online content, such as text, images, videos, or data records without any knowledge of programming or technical expertise. It makes maintaining websites quick and easy and allows for a more efficient delivery of critical information while reducing costs of operating a website. In-Portal gives you the ability to easily setup and manage website of any purpose or complexity without having to do any programming.

History of In-Portal

In-Portal was originally started in 1998 as a proprietary platform developed by Intechnic – a reputable web development company with over ten years of experience. With millions of dollars and years invested into its development, In-Portal turned into one of the most flexible and powerful CMS platforms on the Internet. It has since been converted into an open source project allowing the whole Internet community to tap into the potential of one of the most promising platforms.


How is In-Portal Different from Other CMS Platforms?

Many businesses and organizations are reluctant to use Open Source software for mission-critical applications because of reliability concerns and concerns regarding lack of adequate support.

In-Portal is unique because it offers the best from commercial and open source software worlds. It is free for any use (can’t beat that!) but at the same time, you can count on priority commercial-grade support if and when you need it.

Furthermore, In-Portal has a longer history than many of the competing projects. This means it is very reliable and stable, as well as it has more features than most of the competition.

Who Uses In-Portal?

Tens of thousands of websites from corporate, extranets, and e-commerce, to community websites, governments and non-profit organizations are using In-Portal around the world. Some of the previous or current users of the technology are:

How Can In-Portal Help Me with My Project?

From novice users to professional developers, In-Portal community enjoys the unparallel convenience of setting up websites and having them up and running in just a few minutes. In-Portal is a powerful and flexible platform that can be used to setup a custom website of any complexity of purpose. It comes with many standard features used in most websites today and allows you to easily tailor it for your needs without any technical or programming knowledge. Advanced users or developers may use In-Portal to expand upon its functionality to build websites with custom and unique functionality.


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