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Victoria Online

Victoria Online is a website operated by the government of the State of Victoria, Australia. It is a mission-critical government website with massive amounts of traffic and uninterrupted service requirements. The website is powered by In-Portal CMS with In-Link Directory Management and In-Newz News Management modules and runs on a cluster of servers utilizing Load Balancing and a Database Failover setup.


The Victoria Online website provides a wide range of online services to the citizens of the State of Victoria and plays a key role in the government’s online infrastructure in the Southern Australia.


The website features a centralized directory of all government websites on all levels (local, state and federal). The dynamic fully-featured directory is powered by In-Link’s directory management and allows visitors to quickly locate the necessary resources by browsing topics or through search.


The online database of Government Contacts (powered by In-Link module as well) provides quick and readily available access to all contact information for all agencies and government offices in the State of Victoria, Australia.


The directory of online Government Services, listing all websites for all government agencies, online applications, claims, payments, etc., is also available accessible by functions or alphabetically.


The Victoria Online website features interactive event calendars listing all public events, holidays and school terms presented in different view modes with ability for visitors to suggest their own events. Multiple calendar features include options to download the entire calendar in the universal iCal format (for your smart phone, Google Calendar, or other calendar and event planning applications)


The website includes detailed weather forecast services including an Extreme Weather Warning system integrated with the National Weather Agencies and an ability to personalize forecasts based on the user’s location.


Visitors of the website also get access to the latest news in the State of Victoria with the help from the In-Portal’s In-News module.


Multiple online forms positioned throughout the website collect important feedback from the website’s visitors.

These are just some of the features provided by In-Portal that are available to Victoria Online users. Feel free to download In-Portal Content Management, In-Link and In-News modules to evaluate them for your own government application!

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