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The eGoverment Resource Centre is widely considered to be one of the best online resources to find worldwide examples of eGovernment initiatives and research.  It is a constantly growing website with tens of thousands of articles in its database and serves as a powerful research tool for thousands of people around the world. The government of Victoria, Australia has chosen In-Portal CMS extended with In-Link ,In-Newz and In-Bulletin modules for this project.

The eGovernment Resource Centre has been collecting and assimilating eGovernment strategies, eDemocracy initiatives, ICT policies, website standards, government information and communications technology (ICT), and some of the best government website practices and standards from around the world for more than ten years.

Operated by the Government of the State of Victoria in Australia, the website contains summaries of more than 16,000 external resources and 1,650 internally published articles. It is the foremost repository for everything eGovernment in the world.


The website attracts more than 25,000 visitors each month and provides a weekly newsletter and RSS news feeds to its readership. Members are also invited to bookmark and share, as well as rate and review their favorite content.


The eGovernment Resource Centre was chosen to be among the Top 10 websites in the world to be nominated for “Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics” award and received a Special Mention at the World e-Democracy Awards in 2008. Among other finalists were such well known names as My Barack Obama, MTV's Choose or Lose, Spanish Socialist Party, and others.



The eGovernment Resource Centre project has been successfully running on In-Portal for several years, starting in 2005. The government of the State of Victoria in Australia has previously entrusted In-Portal to run other key government websites and the current website is of second generation. It is based on a standard In-Portal CMS installation with expanded functionality through popular modules: In-Link for Directory Management, In-News for News Management, and In-Bulletin for the Discussion Forum.


Previous Version of The eGovernment Resource Centre


A global catalog of more then 16,000 external resources and 1,600 articles powered by In-Link Directory Management allows finding topics and articles with ease.


The website contains multiple tools and features for articles and external links, from the ability to leave comments and ratings, to adding to favorites.


The website also includes centralized user management powered by In-Portal. The "My Account" area for users of the website includes profile settings and multiple user tools such as signatures, private messages, favorites, and other useful tools.


The Members’ Forum represents an engaging and interactive environment designed for online discussions and is powered by In-Bulletin – the Discussion Forum Solution.


The websites utilizes In-Portal’s built-in mailing lists capabilities and the email-to-friend-feature that are widely popular among the website users.


The government of the State of Victoria has been trusting In-Portal to run it’s key government websites. Feel free to download In-Portal and use it for your project’s needs.


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