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Main Features

In-Portal is a Web 2.0 Content Management System that allows you to manage your entire website and all of its components: content, design & layout, user accounts, database, e-mails, security, etc. It is a complete solution that includes all the core functionality that you need to run a successful website. Additional functionality can be expanded by installing modules.

Main Features


Thousands of members of the In-Portal Community think it is the right choice of CMS for their projects. Is In-Portal right for your project? We have prepared this list of features to help you decide (for more information on In-Portal’s features and modules, please refer to Features & Modules section):


 CMS of Choice for Web Developers

Are you a Web Developer trying to choose a CMS for your next project? Learn why Web Developers and Webmasters prefer In-Portal CMS to other systems.


 CMS of Choice for Programmers

Are you a serious programmer who wants a CMS system that is up to your programming standards? Take a peek under the In-Portal’s hood.


General Overview

In-Portal manages ALL major components of your website:


Content & Data – manage ANYTHING on your website: text, pages, documents, images, data records, links, news, articles, topics, posts, products, catalogs, galleries, forms, polls, etc.

Structure – manage and organize the structure of your website, content or data

Design & Layout – manage and customize look and feel of the website

Databases & Modules – configure, store and manage expandable functionality or user-provided data

User Accounts – manage your users and customers, restrict access, set user groups and permissions

E-mails – send out mass-mailings, customize e-mail templates, automatically manage mailing lists

Logs & Reports – automatically log most activity and compile exportable comprehensive reports

Tools & Preferences – manage and set preferences for many aspects of the website and its components

Administrative Console – secure management through a centralized Administrative Console

Much, much more…



Content & Data

  • Multiple modes for working with the front-end: Browse Mode, Content Mode, and Design Mode
  • Allows to modify any content throughout the website and create new content blocks
  • Multilingual support of any number of languages; allows users to switch between them
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor for modifying Content throughout the website
  • Content Editor includes:
    - Standard Tools for Styling and Formatting (including pre-defined styles)
    - Pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel
    - Image & Document libraries
    - Spell Checker
    - Full HTML mode for Advanced Users
  • In-line editing for Section (Page) Properties including dozens of customizable options
  • Manage language for all messages, buttons, elements, prompts, errors messages, etc. throughout the website



  • Automatic support of hierarchy (sections of the website) that can be used to organize all data on the website through a central catalog
  • Structure is automatically reflected on the front-end navigation: menus, titles, dropdowns, breadcrumbs, etc.
  • SEO Friendly URLs with META information are automatically generated for each section
  • Create, Modify , and Delete entire Sections similar to working with Folders on your computer
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, and Reorder entire Sections (or Subsections) and their content
  • Unlimited number of Sections any number of levels deep
  • Hide or disable sections, Set short URLs, Point to External URLs, and dozens of other customizable properties
  • Section-specific templates, icons, and images for front-end output
  • Relate to other sections or records; assign ownership to users
  • Define and store custom data in each section
  • Set custom session-specific and group(user-specific) permissions


Design & Layout

  • The entire look and feel of the front-end (and backend) is template-based and separated from functionality, allowing for easy customization
  • Single In-Portal installation support multiple themes; allows users to switch between them with a click of a mouse
  • Drag and drop Content Blocks and Layout Elements allowing easy visual changes
  • In-line editing for Layout Elements & Design Templates for advanced users
  • Advanced Code Editor with tags highlighting, line tracking, and syntax checking


Databases & Modules

  • Built-in support for Forms: ability to create and manage online forms to collect data from users
  • Safely collect, validate, store and process user-provided data from multiple forms
  • Built-in support for Polls to manage and run polls and record and track user responses
  • Built-in support for to record and moderate user Comments and Reviews
  • Supports Online Directory: Links, Profiles, Listings, etc.
  • Supports News Managements: Articles, Feeds, Periodicals, etc.
  • Supports Discussion Forum: Topics, Posts, etc.
  • Supports Product Catalog: Products, Shopping Cart, Orders, Transactions, Payments, etc.
  • Supports eBay Management: automatically list products to eBay, manage listings, etc.
  • Featuring hundreds of customizable, properties, options, and tools for every possible application


User Accounts

  • Manage (create, modify, delete) user accounts and their information
  • Export users and account information into external databases or CRM systems (Excel, Outlook, ACT!, etc.)
  • Send e-mails to users from within the Administrative Console
  • Define user roles and setup permissions or use predefined ones
  • Setup and manage User Groups and set custom access permissions
  • Disable and ban abusive users
  • Define and store extended or custom data in user records
  • Includes dozens of customizable options and features for user management



  • Setup and customize e-mails automatically sent out for various system e-mails (from user registration to forgot password)
  • Create and run multiple mailing lists to thousands of users at a time
  • Automatically manage mailing lists subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • Built-in e-mail events and templates for hundreds of events system-wide
  • Multilingual support for e-mails
  • Supports HTML and plain text e-mails in templates and mailing list


Logs & Reports

  • Session Log that tracks all active sessions in the system
  • Changes Log that tracks all changes in the system; including previously changed data
  • Search Log tracks all searches in the system
  • E-mail Log records all e-mails sent out by the system
  • Visitor Log records all visits to the websites
  • Download Log records all downloads from the website


Tool & Preferences

  • Control General and Advanced Website Settings (from session timeout to MOD REWRITE)
  • Manage Regional Settings (languages, character sets, date & time format, decimal points, measures systems, etc.)
  • Manage multiple themes defining the front-end output of the website
  • Manage Agents and Events
  • Configure Stop Words and Thesaurus
  • Manage Front-end Output and Search Settings
  • Define Custom Fields for storing custom data in various records
  • Backup and Restore Tools for the entire database
  • Data Import tools and Database Query ToolsMiscellaneous System tools and Reports


Administrative Console

  • Secure Password Protected Administrative Console with SSL encryption support
  • Unlimited administrative users with user-specific viewing, custom sections, sorting, and filtering preferences
  • Tree-like navigation, collapsible menus and sections with tabbed navigation
  • Searching , filtering, sorting, and viewing tools and preferences for each section
  • Sections can be customized by selecting fields and their order
  • Modular windows or pop-ups based on preferences
  • Customizable Administrative Interfaces (functionality, access and actions restrictions in sections, and designs)
  • Built-in administrative interfaces sets: simple, intermediary or advanced


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