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Features & Modules

Features & Modules

In-Portal is a Content Management System (CMS) that contains all of the core functionality – it allows you to manage the structure and the content of your website, user accounts, as well as many other aspects of the website. Functionality of the website can be expanded through installing modules, each responsible for certain functionality. There are modules for Directory Management, News Management, Discussion Forum and Catalog & Shopping Cart

In-Portal offers all of the core functionality necessary to run a web site. It comes equipped with the tools to manage your website through an Administrative Console. In-Portal's base functionality can be expanded by downloading and installing modules, each designed for a specific purpose.

In-Link is designed to run and manage a Directory (or a Catalog) and can be easily adapted for similar purposes (Classifieds, Listings, Profiles, etc.). Basically, any kind of listings or records that need to be organized in categories can be managed with the help of In-Link.

In-Newz is a powerful News Management and Publishing solution that allows running, distributing and syndicating news, articles, press-releases and media directly on your website.

In-Bulletin is a module allowing you to run a Discussion Forum or a Bulletin Board directly on your website. In-Bulletin works as a central place for members of your online community or your customers to interact with each other.

In-Commerce is a fully featured e-commerce solution. It can be used for a variety of applications: from an online store for products, services or paid membership subscriptions, to inventory management, order and payment processing, shipping automation, and much more.

WordPress plugin is used to quickly and effectively integrate your In-Portal theme with your WordPress theme.

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