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If you need to download previous versions or prefer tar.gz, please click on More Files... next to the module you want to download.

Please check technical requirements and installation instructions prior do downloading.


Latest In-Portal and Modules Releases:

Product Title Downloads
In-portal Platform   Content Management (CMS) Download (6.66 Mb) more...
In-link   Directory Management Download (159.55 Kb) more...
In-newz   News Management Download (71.09 Kb) more...
In-bulletin   Discussion Forum Download (134.68 Kb) more...
shopping_cart   Shopping Cart Download (694.97 Kb) more...
icon   WordPress Plugin Download (3.1 Kb) more...


In-Portal themes can be downloaded on Support & Downloads section.

Development Kit:

Product Title Downloads
icon   Development Kit Download (59.81 Kb) more...
Notice to In-link 2 Customers: You may download In-link version 2 under Previous Versions for In-link.

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