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Login/Logout Problems (2)

Posted: 02/08/2006 3:11:19 PM

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Hi all,
I'm trying to redo the templates of my website to finally activate InPortal on it. As soon as I modified a few of them I spotted a few "supposed to be" bugs. It is actually something that seems to work pretty well on this support site anyway.

Everytime I try to login I usually have no problems but when I do try the logout process things start to get weird: I click on the link and I'm redirected on the actual index page (which is right) but the "right_loggedin.tpl" template is still there instead of changing to the "login.tpl" one.

I noticed that in the template there was a typo and the attribute "_Template" for the "m_logout_link" was spelled "_Tenplate" but one way or the other no change in the results.

I just cut the part related to "inp2" because after a while i understood its real meaning. The spotted bugs anyway remain the same.

As an update to the first problem I noticed that I don't have the same problem with your standard template. What is strange is that i've been comparing all I possibly could between your templates and mine and I actually spotted nothing.

Apart from this second bug spotted can you hint me on how to solve the first one??


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Posted: 02/20/2006 12:32:42 PM

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Ok... I just solved the enigma of the login/logout process.... at least that's what it seems. I noticed that is something I only have on my locally hosted version of InPortal and there are actually chances that my apache/php/mysql test server is not properly setted up. Maybe something about cookies and sessions? Any hint?

On this same topic, the template bug remains valid and to be corrected on the next version of InPortal.

Sadly I have to post another problem I spotted but that'll go on a new topic.

Thanks anyway for your time,