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RealClass not defined (5)

Posted: 02/06/2010 9:25:24 AM

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After some operation like "Ship an order" or "pay an Affiliate" I get this error (showed by debugger)

RealClass not defined for pseudo_class $PrefixSpecial_TagProcessor in w:\core\kernel\utility\factory.php on line 91

How can I solve this?

Posted: 02/07/2010 10:25:06 AM

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Can't repeat on my end. I'm trying on In-Portal/In-Commerce 5.0.2 on PHP 5.3.1 on Linux.

Can you please provide more details about your installation?

Posted: 02/07/2010 10:34:19 AM

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I'm using In-Portal 4.1.0 and In-Commerce 4.1.0

I can use In-Commerce 4.1.0 with In Portal 5.0.2?

Posted: 02/07/2010 12:14:28 PM

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Hi Max,

Sorry, but no In-Commerce 4.1.0 is not compatible with In-Portal 5

What you can try is to remove ANY text from ORDER.SHIP Email Event body to see if any In-Portal tags inside are cause this behavior.

Copy/Paste the body of that email somewhere so you can put it back after test.


Posted: 02/07/2010 3:18:15 PM

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Some tag was the problem!