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Cannot Get Forums To Work (2)

Posted: 04/04/2015 9:21:12 AM

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Hi Everyone:

I am still having problems getting the forums to work. This is the problem:

I made a folder titled Forums under Structure and Data and the the template is set to :: /in-bulletin/designs/section. The other folders under structure and data include: Directory, News, Platform (light red folder), My Account (light red folder), Home (light red folder), Travel Store, Articles.

I clicked on the Forums folder I created and made a subject titled "Airlines", I created a sub-category titled "American Airlines". I entered a topic like I do on the In-Portal forums and submitted. The topic title shows up, however, when I click on it it to read the text, it goes to the home/ index page.

I have looked at the permissions etc. and have tried everything I can think of to get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Posted: 04/11/2015 5:25:03 PM

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Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem? I have spent several hours trying to get this to work. If I cannot get this to work, I may have to look at a different CMS for my website.