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In-Portal praise and question (2)

Posted: 11/04/2004 2:38:12 AM

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Good job on the new releases. I've been here for the long run awaiting in-link 3. It seems well worth the wait so far.

One of the things I loved most about In-link 2 was that you could have several instances of the script installed (i.e. one for a car directory, another to list real estate). I am not expecting 100% integration, but is something like this possible with in-portal?

I have version 3 running smoothly but I can't see anyway to install a second in-link module without creating a bucket full of errors. I'm not much of a PHP programmer BTW. I know that the default filepaths would need to be changed from "in-link/" to the name of my new folder, but that's all I could come up with in my first day.

Congrats once again,


I forgot to mention, new topics for In-portal and all of the modules would be nice for the forums. I can see it getting very busy around here soon :D

Posted: 11/04/2004 11:35:07 AM

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Hi Luke,

To answer your last question - we are going to be using In-bulletin for the support forum :wink:
As soon as we iron out the import script, which we want to make available to the other users as well.

That's where I am going to set up all of the proper categories, etc.

As far as running several copies on your site. We have changed the licensing policy for In-portal (you can see it under Help, Ch. 2). One license now gives you only 1 live, or production, instance of In-portal. But you can have multiple development copies, on your local network, for example.

You can, however, achieve the same thing on one copy - simply create 2 different category trees - for cars and for real estate in your example. Then create two themes, and have each one work on a different tree. Or, you can even combine the categories into one, and make the two sites different just by the different themes. There are a lot of options to explore here.