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Drei Länder mit In-Link verwalten (3)

Posted: 06/04/2004 11:12:50 AM

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Kann man mit In-Link einen Webkatalog erstellen in den die Links zu verschiedenen Länder zuordnet werden können.

Beispiel: Auto - Werkstätten - Autohaus Mayer

Jetzt müßte eine Einteilung vorgenommen werden Schweiz, Auto, Werkstätten, Autohaus Mayer

Der Grund: Wir möchten mit einer Lösung mehrere Länder abdecken.
Der Sucher soll im Prinzip nur in der Suchabfrage die Rubriken aussuchen und das Land in dem gesucht werden soll.

Geht das so mit InLink? und wenn ja wie mit der Vers. 2.3.!

Falls ich mich ein wenig unklar ausgedrückt habe, der Webkatalog soll im Prinzip wie Yahoo sein. Mit der Eintragung des Landes kann man dort nämlich die Suchergebnisse eingrenzen.


Posted: 06/06/2004 9:54:14 PM

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Hello thommy24,

First of all sorry I'll be answering in English, since my German is not that good.

As I understand you need to have a special search option when user can perform a new search within a specific country. It is doable and I am sure you'll be capable to implement it yourself if you are familiar with PHP. Otherwise, we can customize it for you. Please email me directly to with more details and I"ll definitely reply with estimate cost for your project.

The general idea is that you can specify a start category ID within which one you'd like to search. In your case, it will be the top category ID will represent the country user want to search.

Thank you and please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.

Posted: 06/13/2004 10:06:56 AM

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## My Message in english with translator - SORRY ##

Hallo Dmitry,

One can with a Webcatalog from In-Link provide into that the on the left of to different countries assigns to become to be able.

Example: Car - workshops - autohouse Mayer

Now an organization would have to be made Switzerland, car,
workshops, autohouse Mayer

The reason: We would like to cover several countries with a
solution. The Sucher is only in principle in the search inquiry the
columns to be selected and the country in to be looked for is.

Goes in such a way with InLink? and if as with the verse. 2.3.!

If I expressed myself a little unclearly, the Web catalog is to be in
principle like Yahoo. With the entry of the country one can limit the
search results there.

Many greetings