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Rating Suggestion (4)

Posted: 01/20/2010 11:43:04 AM

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We have been using in-link/in-portal for over 8 years. The one thing we have always had to have changed is the way the ratings/reviews work. By default, they are separate functions and we prefer to have the combined so that a person enters their rating and review at the same time. It would be nice to have a checkbox where a person could select whether they want these functions combined or separate.

The 2nd part.. We are looking at creating a hot sauce review site whereby visitors can rate hot sauces based on 2 criteria - heat and flavor. Without custom programming, In-Portal does not have this capability (unless the new version does?). There is a cheap CMS software available that does offer the ability to configure an unlimited number of rating options.

Click on the demo link and login to the admin section to see how you can set this up.


Posted: 01/20/2010 5:14:05 PM

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Hello Jason,

It's good to see you here - thanks for your valuable input as always.

I'll be addressing your questions below:

1. Rating and Review forms

Yes, I see your point, but to be honest the only reason we haven't done this so far in In-Portal distribution since no one requested or at least described how it should or should not work

2. Multiple Rating options

Actually I wasn't able to get into the Admin on their Demo. Any chance you can email me a direct link?

Same as with above - we are mostly limited by resource or lack of specs that would work for everyone.

It would be VERY helpful if we can work out the specs for both of these features. Then we can estimate amount of time involved and plan them out for one of the up the coming releases.

What would you say on this?


PS. you can make URLs in your signature active by using BB code, example:

Posted: 03/18/2010 7:29:16 AM

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I completely forgot about this post until I came across it in Google which was weird.

1) It may be that I am the only In-portal user that wants this. If so, then it should probably be ignored. My idea was to have a checkbox in the admin panel where you could choose to have ratings and reviews on one page or have them be separate processes. Yes, we like to have this on our site, but I have noticed that many review sites operate this way.

2) A better link to use for this is here

They show the admin username and password on this site so you can see how the backend works. Just like the first item, this may not be something that most In-portal webmasters want. In in the past that a large number of In-portal owners were mostly interested in using the software for e-commerce, but now that it is open source and free, maybe options like these might be more attractive to others.


Posted: 07/11/2010 7:30:47 AM

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1st has already been done in 4.x versions of In-Portal.
2nd maybe already implemented as customization on you website