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Frontpage Password Security Using In-link (2)

Posted: 12/06/2004 10:56:15 PM

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I host with Verio using mysql and frontpage. How is the password required to access the mysql database stored when setting up inlink. Is it encrypted or stored in clear text? I am less concerned about data security because they are links afterall. But I am concered about securing the password to mysql database. Thanks!

Posted: 12/08/2004 3:30:07 PM

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Hello poptart,

All the configuration settings of In-portal and modules are stored in config.php file which located under "root" installation of In-portal. All data stored as a text, but file has some special PHP code at the top so it can not be read from the web . The system build that way so it checks for that special code every time any page is loaded in case if was accidentally removed which is very unlikely anyway. The only way to read that file is through the FTP. I don't think encryption will help much if someone will get an access to FTP of your website. In other words, this method is pretty secure. Also, there is no way of reading or executing that file by submitting some PHP code through the forms on the Front End since everything is escaped.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.