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Sub Domains (1)

Posted: 10/25/2002 7:25:00 AM

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We have plans for sub-domains by metro area, like

We would like the system to be able to recognize the sub-domain and only return listings that are within either the area code or the zip code of a given listing". The category listings page (catsearch) would mirror the categories of the main directory but the listings within the categories (and sub categories) would only show up if they were within the selected area code, zip code or other information. They could share the same database but filter the results based on the url making the request.

We would also like the ability of the administration area to more closely tie the listing with the user and be able to separate the user by the category of their listings. I believe that this is the key to marketing for listings.

Being able to contact your users by the category of their listings for feedback and marketing of that specific category from the admin section.

There needs to be more separation between a business user and a consumer that wants to be a user, with all the benefits, different themes and such. One user is too generic. There needs to be a business user and a consumer user.

A few thoughts