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One Big Issue in Membership Expiry (4)

Posted: 06/16/2014 12:32:55 PM

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Hi Gents,

I noticed one huge flaw in the User membership. I have a few members that their account was to expire today, I received the email notice that they have expired, but when I checked their account in the ADMIN under "users" they still show as a member and enabled. I check the Group and they are not listed in the group.

I have tested this with a test account and found that when the membership is set to expire, I still can login to the site even when I am not in the Group under members. But under Users I still show as a member and active. This does not work like the older version of In-portal.

Suggestions as I really do not want to have to manually check every membership on expiry.


Posted: 06/16/2014 2:08:20 PM

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Hello David,

I believe the Membership Expiration should remove you from that Group. I am not certain how it works when it's the only Primary group for you - there might be some additional login involved there.

I recommend to test this on with having user in more then 1 group (ie. Members and Paid Members) and see if it works.

Thank you.

Posted: 06/16/2014 3:33:42 PM

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Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your reply, I have this setup as the older version and working fine but not working on new version. I do see when the expiry date happens, i am removed from the Groups called members, But when I look at the member in users management under users, I still see my account as user group "members" and "enabled" and I am still able to login.

In the older versions when the expiry date happened, the member was automatically removed from the members group and was not able to sign in.

I did as you suggested but the same outcome. Once the expiry date is met the user assigned to that group should not be able to login and should be removed from Primary group members.


Posted: 06/21/2014 9:29:08 AM

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Hi dmitry,

Is the Time zone a requirement for the registration? Would this be causing the duplicate and incorrect emails to members?