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Need installation assistance (2)

Posted: 08/21/2013 9:39:38 PM

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Below is the message i get when i tried to install in-portal, i just installed Git GUI for windows 7 32bit and it has curl installed in it automatically. but for some reason its not detecting it..i dont know how to find the other programs that say required in order to get it to work, can anyone help me...

System Service Requirements:

Server-side requirements
PHP version: 5.2.0+ (required) [PASSED]
URL Rewriting Support (optional) [FAILED]
Java (optional) [FAILED]
PHP extensions:
- Memcache (optional) [FAILED]
- Curl (required) [FAILED]
- SimpleXML (required) [PASSED]
- Standard PHP Library (required) [PASSED]
- Freetype (required) [PASSED]
- GD 1.8+ (required) [PASSED]
- JPEG (required) [PASSED]
- MySQL (required) [PASSED]
- JSON (required) [PASSED]
PHP settings:
- ini_set('memory_limit', ...) works (optional) [PASSED]
- ini_set('display_errors', ...) works (optional) [PASSED]
- error_reporting(...) works (optional) [PASSED]
- ini_get('date.timezone') - timezone set (required) [FAILED]
- ini_get('variables_order') - contains "GPC" string [PASSED]
- ini_get('output_buffering') > 0 - buffering works (required) [FAILED]
Client-side requirements
Cookies enabled [PASSED]
JavaScript enabled [PASSED]

Installation can not continue until all required environment parameters are set correctly

What do i need to do to fix this..

Posted: 08/22/2013 2:20:13 AM

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- URL Rewriting Support (optional) [FAILED]
To fix this you need "mod_rewrite" module enabled in Apache.

- Curl (required) [FAILED]
Curl installed on server is one thing, but here you also need to have PHP module to work with curl installed too.

- ini_get('output_buffering') > 0 - buffering works (required) [FAILED]
This can be fixed in your php.ini file by changing value of "output_buffering" setting from 0 to 4096 for example.