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Category Listing Issues (3)

Posted: 04/13/2011 12:57:31 PM

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I have the 5.1.2 advanced theme install.. it also has all the demo content for the default theme installed..

I an running and modding the advanced theme.
Couple things...

in the admin panels i see the tree structure under "platform" in red folders with many pages.. like checkout and billing etc.. and a lot more.

My issue is 2 things regarding categories...
The platform pages all show up in a search.. billing pages show up and such.. something I do not want a user to see. How do I keep them from being included in the search?

Also... regarding categories.. I have 2 categories added for testing, and when it shows them in the directory listing it shows the 2 categories, but says total 148 categories .... so it is counting all of the "platform" pages also..

So the real thing I am asking, is how do keep the script from including those platform pages... They are in red in the admin.. are not shown in menu, but still are counted as normal categories which they should not be..

I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I really need remedy this.. I can not run the site the way it includes all the platform pages as is does now

I would not need as much help, but there is no user documentation for this version of the script.. which would be so useful!

here is a link to show where is says 148 categories.. you can also do a search on the entire website.. I used the word "the" and you can see it pull a billin page:

Thanks a ton for your help... please help.

Posted: 04/15/2011 12:53:29 PM

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Thanks for your questions and sorry for a little delay.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, you have VERY good point here and I believe it's something we can quite easily adjust. I have started a new discussion in Development Group describing the issues and offering logical solution.

Need ability to Exclude Template based Sections from Search Results

2. Try Rebuilding Cache in your Catalog (under Tools menu in toolbar).

Please post here the outcome.


Posted: 04/22/2011 4:55:04 PM

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Hi.. thanks for looking into this..
I think it is a real problem.
Now i noticed that you are looking into excluding from the search, but would that also fix while viewing the directory for directory for in-link... I have only 2 categories created and it show total categories to be 148?

Either way.. have you fixed this yet.. or is there a fix?

Also I tried clearing my cache... not sure exactly which one to clear there are a bunch of cache resetting options.. so I cleared them all.. that did nothing? Was it supposed to?

Thanks .. I would love to get this resolved...