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user can not log, captcha image not load, how does paid listings work? (3)

Posted: 12/27/2010 3:13:14 PM

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I had use in-link3 for other project before. It work great for that project.
I am glad that you guys have all the feature that I need.

After I get everything working and beginning to fill up with data, and change some user setting.( I revert everything back now but it still doesn't let me login) If I put incorrect info, it will display wrong user name or password. But if I put correct username and password, it doesn't log in. It just refresh the page.
You can try username tester password testerdemo1

Captcha image won't display.

And the paid listings, I try different setting and it doesn't do anything.
I make a listing type as monthly duration 1 month everything unchanged, order set equal to 1 and add to home>directory

Thank you very much

Posted: 12/29/2010 1:00:46 PM

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First of all thanks for downloading and installing In-Portal!

Sorry for some delay with getting back to you.

Let's try to address your issues below:

1. Registration / Login issue. I was able to register a new user on your website, and received the following on the next page:

Thank you for registering on our websiteYour registration is pending administrative approvalYou will get a separate email once it's activated.

This indicates that all new user registration will be Pending Admin approval. To change that you can go to Admin->Configuration->Users->General section and adjust Allow new user registration setting to "Immediate".

2. Captcha Image on User Registration. It's probably disabled too, so go to the same Admin->Configuration->Users->General section and enable Use Captcha code on Registration.

3. Paid Listing suppose to work just fine. Please describe how you want them to function in your case (the whole process).


Posted: 12/30/2010 2:00:20 AM

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Hi, thank you for a reply. No worry it is a holiday season :) . Btw Happy holiday.

1. The registration process is working properly without the captcha image. I forgot to turn it back on for you to see. If you please take a look one more time much appreciate. Now I change to "immediate" and "captcha" on for you to see. I tried to register with captcha turn on with 2 different computers and a mobile phone but the captcha image didn't show up.

2. When a user tried to log-in, the page just refresh itself and nothing happen. If the password is correct, the page just refresh. But if the password is incorrect the page is refresh with a warning that username or password is incorrect. But if I choose "remember log-in", a user can log-in normally. A page refresh and display private messege, etc.

I already approve your registration so you can use that one to log-in or use the username "tester" with a password "testerdemo1"

3. I make a Listing Type. I name it "monthly" with a duration of 1 month and change to "add to home-> directory". I then add a link to it.

I want it to show in main directory.

4. What is link enhancement?

Thank you for your time.
4. What is