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Help ? (1)

Posted: 12/22/2010 9:12:17 AM

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How in the WORLD do you guys expect this forum to be "HELPFUL" - when you haven't even enabled the search feature on the site... How do you even find an issue that you want to research ? How much time in any given day do you think a busy webmaster / developer / programmer has ?

Do you really think that there is so much time in everyone's day that they can afford to wade through hundreds of support posts to see if the particular issue they are experiencing - or - the question they may have - is already here?

Get real guys - and save please save everyone valuable time by either enabling the built in site search, or "writing" one !!! Otherwise; I fear that this forum is a huge time waster - and probably contains huge amounts of redundant information that is needlessly posted due to the lack of any site search - and especially a forum search !