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Problems using # in the URL (4)

Posted: 01/05/2005 11:13:50 AM

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Somehow the pound key causes troubes in URL, for example

does not display when put in URL, while it works fine directly in the browser and works fine.

How can I go around that?

Posted: 01/05/2005 5:14:34 PM

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Hello Igor,

Are you talking about In-link2 or In-portal? Can I see that page?

Thank you.

Posted: 01/06/2005 8:59:20 AM

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Hello Dmitry,

We have In-link 2 version 2.2.9.

When I add a link to some category, if I put

as a URL, and then click on the website, it brings me to

(which is exactly the same as
instead of going to the right page

Doing the same thing with

works ok.

An example of such link with # key is at

the very bottom link called test.

Thank you, Igor

Posted: 01/08/2005 10:41:45 PM

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I already fixed it direcly on your website. There is an option in Admin->Configuration - Display URLs in status bar, so I turned that off.

Thank you.