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in-portal themes modify (5)

Posted: 11/24/2004 9:02:41 AM

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I plan to make some theme modifications, what's the best way to go about doing this?...I see two options.

1) Modify the default themes
2) Create a cloan of the default themes and modify that.

I'm thinking in terms of upgrades maybe the 2) option would be best? But I'm not sure, any recommendations?

Posted: 11/24/2004 12:13:31 PM

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I suggest making a clone and chaning that.

This way, when the updates are published, you can safely update the Default theme and test the improvements. Then you can copy the ones you like into your cloned custom theme.

Posted: 11/24/2004 1:39:48 PM

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Yep this is the same steps I'm doing to customize my theme. The only difficulty I'm actually having is understanding the true meaning of the new tag system.

Btw the docs about that are arriving isn't it?

I found very useful, as long as I used InLink2, to have a special dreamweaver version of the default theme. My only complain about that feature with "InPortal tags" will probably be that dreamweaver can't see the tags like asp or php ones as I was used before. ops:

See you,

Posted: 11/27/2004 2:01:51 PM

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The In-tag manual, beyind what is in the library, is not coming very soon. The library already has pretty good explanations of what each tag does, and all of its attributes.

As far as format of the tags, I would really like to open this up for discussion with everybody, who has started customizing the templates. Any feedback is welcome!

Posted: 11/27/2004 4:25:38 PM

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kkk. I'll post my thoughts soon. I have a few ideas about that. I'll open a new thread for that matter as soon as I have an half an hour of time to share (probably not far from monday).

Cu later,