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Installation Problem (3)

Posted: 06/12/2010 3:45:49 AM

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Hi in-portal team,

Installation problem encountered:

Using cpanel upload, I have uploaded the in-portal zipped file into a sub directory of one of my websites, I proceeded to unzip the file.

Next I created a new sql database in cpanel.

After this, I noticed that the file 'config.php' was not present so I followed the installation instructions & copied the 'config.php-dist' from the tools folder into the root directory where I am installing in-portal.

Next I changed the name to 'config.php' & downloaded the file for editing. In Notepad++ I opened the file & changed the user name, db name & password to match my sql database. I saved the file & uploaded it overwriting the original.

I then made this file writable (777).

Next, I opened my browser & input the exact directory but I keep getting the same error; '500 internal server error'. (I used 'core/install.php' after the web address of the directory where the files are located)

I have re-read the instructions many times & double checked what I have done, I have even deleted everything & unzipped the files again followed the same procedure but with the same result.

I looked at the error logs in cpanel & the following 2 messages were there:

'soft exception in application.cpp:256: File is writable by group'

'file does not exist'

I am unsure where to proceed with this, so any constructive input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 06/14/2010 1:43:55 AM

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Message "soft exception in application.cpp:256: File is writable by group" seems, to be raised by your cpanel and isn't natural PHP error.

Seems, that that hosting/cpanel requires specific permissions to be set on PHP scripts, for them to work.

I suppose, that simple unzipping cause all permissions set to 777. My best guess will be, that you have to to:

1. remove group access permissions at all from all PHP files
2. somehow reset all permissions on all In-Portal files to match ones, your hosting panel creates for newly added (not by unzipping) directories and files.

Also "application.cpp" isn't part of In-Portal. In-Portal has "application.php".

Posted: 06/14/2010 10:38:27 AM

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Hi Alex,

You are correct, the problem was the in-portal folder & the install.php were both writable by group.

I changed the settings from 777 to 755 on both & I could get to the file system check page.

Thank you for your input, it is most appreciated :-)