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installing downloaded in-portal CMS & other modules (3)

Posted: 05/23/2010 5:53:03 PM

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I have downloaded the in-portal CMS module & completed indicated steps 1 ,2 ,& 3
with the following IMPORTANT EXCEPTION :

I have & intend to use MY OWN {Apache} SERVER {Hardware & Software}
Therefore, I placed the extracted files {referred in Step 2}
in a folder, & AMENDED APACHE to refer to this folder for its
With this exception in mind, how do I perform step #4 --->
"RUN THE IN-PORTAL's INSTALLATION" which refers to ""
which of course I don't have due to my stated exception

Heeelp!!!, & thanks

Posted: 05/24/2010 2:29:34 AM

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Have you configured VirtualHost directive in Apache configuration file, that will map you document root folder in file system to domain in web browser?

Posted: 05/24/2010 2:29:12 PM

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Thanks, Alex.
I'll try your suggestion, but needless to say, before doing that I think
I need to get my domain name etc.

{ I'm in the very early stages of developing my project, & this is 1}
{ of the matters I'll be addressing shortly }