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Upgrade from 5,0,1 to 5,0,2 (3)

Posted: 02/01/2010 12:57:32 PM

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I've just updated my 501 install to 502, and I'm using the new .htaccess provided.
When mod_rewrite is ON, all links are displaying a 404 page.

The product details links from a list of product are leading to homepage, and "buy now" button links to "your cart is empty".

As my users took a lot of time to work on the website, I can't do a clean install to easily solve the problem, would you help me solving this issue?


Posted: 02/01/2010 7:02:38 PM

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Hello Phil,

Thanks for your report and of course we'll be glad to assist you and get to the bottom of these issues.

1. I think there is some kind of issue with sub-domains on your server. I'll be able to tell you more once I look at the installation.

2. Mod Rewrite. What happens if you try old .htaccess file?


Posted: 02/05/2010 2:37:55 PM

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Hi Phil and others,

Yes, there was a bug in In-Portal 5.0.2 which affected installations with PHP 4. It's resolved now and fix will be available in In-Portal 5.0.3 shortly.

Here you can read the whole troubleshooting discussion and get the patch:

Htaccess and mod_rewrite in 5,0,2

571: Issue with ModRewrite in PHP4 due to improper Reference to kModRewriteHelper object