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Upgrading: language strings (3)

Posted: 11/09/2004 10:51:32 AM

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Hi there,
I hope to not be off-topic posting here but there's something I would like to know. Let's say that I'm translating the whole "thing" in italian for my site and to be of help to italian inportal users, I would like to know the edited or new language strings in the future releases of InPortal.

Maybe it is just silly a silly request but I would like to know wheter there will be or not any .txt telling what things have been modified in every update. I ask you because I could not find anything in the previous x.0.3/x.0.4 releases.


Posted: 11/09/2004 1:59:16 PM

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Hello, yes, with every release we will provide a list of what changed; all files and all language variables, as well as a list of main bugs fixed and features added.

You did not see it from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 because 1.0.4 was the first public release and we skipped this step.

Posted: 11/09/2004 3:37:45 PM

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Thanks Pavel... I imagined that was your idea about the "upgrade history". But I had to ask to be sure about that. Not so easy to correctly translate a few thousand strings everytime... :roll: