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Is In-Portal right for my project? (2)

Posted: 03/06/2011 9:05:43 AM

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I'm hoping that someone will help me determine if In-Portal will work for my project.

I am creating a paid directory site, where users pay a one-time fee for a listing. Each listing needs to have a gallery of images, specific information, address, google map, and owner information.

Additionally, I want a user to be able to pay to have their listings featured. Highlighted on a category page, or on the homepage. Or pay for banner ads within the site.

I also want a google map showing all listings within a category.

Is this possible with In-Portal?



Posted: 03/21/2011 11:18:37 AM

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Hello there,

Thanks for your interest in In-Portal.

The short answer is Yes, you can definitely use In-Portal to setup a paid directory and do things as you described.