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Lots of bugs in in portal.. Need support for in portal issues (3)

Posted: 03/07/2010 11:47:41 AM

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This definitely not and issue to be placed here. Please submit support ticket about that. If you run off you support tickets, then you could start with buying more advanced support, like the one with more allowed tickets per month.

Also you could combine multiple issues into single ticket to preserve ticket count.

Posted: 03/07/2010 3:33:47 PM

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When I purchased my product there was no mention of a plan to make support so expensive. The current amount of support that would be adequate for me.. costs more than my original purchase of the whole system.

I had support for a year and did not worry about it expiring.. and gave dmtry lots of time to answer me and work on things.. I did not have any idea that my support would costs would be increase three fold in the next year... otherwise.. I would have insisted that dmtry and I get my site launched.. I trusted you all and you broke this trust..

I do not feel that multiple issue ever come in a convenient way so that I could just save them up. This is not my idea of good customer support or service. Dmtry has also told me not to combine issues in support tickets... he actually has requested new support tickets... so you two should get your story together..

All of this said... I really really really like the program otherwise instead of letting you know my concerns now... then I would have taken my losses and moved on. In that case you would only have heard from me on some other software review site.

Instead, I am telling you what it is like to be a customer.. and not have adeguate support for things like captcha not working or request tabs not working or menus not working..or multiple time asking about an issue but there is some sort of language barrier.. If you don't have a good manual for support then you must have adequate support for issues like this.. I can't wait to have these things fixed..and then I will not have to be some kind of beggar here..

MY CUSTOMERS demand more too..

I am very hopeful that I will enjoy many years using this program and that as my business grows I will appreciate my choice to use in-portal.

If you don't think they are bugs in the system then you will have to support me enough to help me understand the issues...and PROVE ME WRONG or the perception that I have will be the TRUTH...

Thanks for your hearing of my concerns

Also you could combine multiple issues into single ticket to preserve ticket count. [/quote]

Posted: 03/12/2010 9:28:37 PM

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Hello Cynthia,

Thanks for your reply and it's quite sad to hear this from you after we have spend hour working on your website and didn't take a penny from you for customization... I believe we don't have to prove this to anyone.

About the software and amount of bugs, to be honest none of listed here issues were due to us support team or In-Portal. While this can sound untrue, but I personally was explaining what's wrong and fixing up for you after your custom changes. Saying all that I have no intensions for blaming you for anything - I know you want and do need to make changes, but obviously we can't be blamed for that.