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Validator @ (2)

Posted: 12/15/2005 3:54:08 PM

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For anyone using in-portal 1.1.x with inlink 3.1x, in-news 1.1.x, and in-bulleting 1.1.x, I have today managed to convert around 85% of the templates and PHP code so in-portal, in-link, and in-bulletin now fully validates on around 90% of my site.

These mods have been supplied to Intechnic today as they are intersted at incorporating these into a future release.

Anyone wishing to test out my site to confirm that in-portal validates at can do so by visiting [URL href=""][/URL] to test this feature out.

One thing to bear in mind for any portal owners wishing to use these in future, to fully validate the pages you must ensure your links also conform to the validation rules therefore any that contain HTML special characters will need to be re-compiled using the character to unicode conversion which I am currently doing on my site at the moment so all links also fully validate.

This in work in-progress where i am working closely with in-technic and have supplied them with an RC1 package today and will over the next couple of days get in-commerce to validate too. These mods are for any portal users using default templates.

Any comments and or suggestions on this feature would be appreciated.:)

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Posted: 12/16/2005 9:50:04 AM

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Hello Mark,

Thank you for your participation in this and we highly appreciate your time and effort.

By the way, Intechnic spells out with no dashes in it