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For Dmitry (2)

Posted: 02/06/2005 8:01:35 AM

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(This referece to an install of all modules)

I've just completed changing all the templates to 100% width and am now looking at changing the style, colour and images but have a few questions first...

1. Does the css for in-portal deal with the complete site as I see inbulletin also has a css.

2. If the two css files are on there own, what is required to make the in-portal css file site wide and remove the inbulletin one.

3. Do you have any diagram showing where tags are used, so it's easy to customise the style?

4. On the frontpage (in-portal) is it currently possible (without code hacking) to display the in-link cats and below it news items.

5. Once customised, and looking ahead, when you next upgrade - do you provide details of what has changed since the last build?

6. I notice in another thread talk about Dreamweaver, would this allow the tamplates to be edited as viewing the site complete? If so are you planning this soon :)

Think that should do for now, sorry for the list but thought it also may help others.

On that topic of others, if anyone is looking at customising their style let me know, more heads are better than one ;)


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Posted: 02/06/2005 4:29:21 PM

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Hello Dave,

I'll be answering you questions inthe same prder you asked them:

1. There are separate CSS files for each individual Module and Platform itself. They called by

<inp:m_module_stylesheets _Modules="In-Portal,In-News,In-Bulletin,In-Link&quot_In-PortalCss="incs/inportal_main.css&quot/>

in "common/head.tpl" template. As you can notice, we list all the modules and system automatically detects and includes only the CSSs of installed modules, plus we manually define the Platform CSS. Please refer to the In-tag library for complete list of tag attributes.

2. Simply, place all you have in In-bulletin CSS into "incs/inportal_main.css" or any other one which will be included as the main one. The main idea behind separating the CSS is to kee[ Module independence between each other and Platform.

3. We have In-tag library located under Admin->Modules:General section. it contains all the tags with description and list of the accepted attributes.

4. Please follow the instructions posted in FAQ in order to list the categories from the Directory category, which by default is a root category of In-link module. The same idea should be used in order to list the news (categories and article). It's important to understand that all default categories such as "Directory", "News", "Forums" are the same categories as any other you create. In other words, you can add the article under the "Directory" category and it will work fine. System aloows you to have any type (Link, Article, Topic) within any category no matter what is set as default category for that Module. Note, you need to customize the template using already existing tags/functionality.

5. New version contains a changelog file with the list of altered and/or newly added file. We recommend to maek the files you modify so you can do a diff before the upgdare.

6. We have some sort of voting this in order to see how many users find DreamWeaver useful. Thanks for your vote! By the way, I think it's faster to work directly with the files

Thanks for the questions.