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please to make us the work easiest (4)

Posted: 01/11/2005 6:51:13 AM

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support would make the scripts for we will download.

- Last Links page.
- Categories and Links on Home page (Faq)
- show the custom fields in links.
- show the links hots... page

(i trye put the script the fac, but i have problems. )

Posted: 01/11/2005 2:01:19 PM

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Por favor, cuéntenos el problema en el castellano.

Posted: 01/11/2005 3:59:37 PM

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gene wrote:01/11/2005 2:01:19 PM

Por favor, cuéntenos el problema en el castellano.

Gracias... (Tan malo es mi inglés? )

La cuestión he que visto por el foro que dmitry escribe algunos scripts por ahí, como en la faq, con la explicación. He intendado hacer uno pero no me funciona...

Lo importante es, que ya q se ha molestado en poner la explicación de como lo ha hecho podía también hacerlo directamente sobre el fichero en cuestión, para que nosotros sólo tengamos que descargarlo.

Por ejemplo, ha explicado por ahí como hacer una página para q muestre los últimos links insertados, mi sugerencia es que lo ponga hecho para q nosotros lo descarguemos, no creo q le cueste más que un par de minutos y a nosotros nos ahorrará mucho trabajo ya que no tenemos conocimientos como él.

Posted: 01/12/2005 5:26:07 PM

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I believe Alberto, right? Sorry, but about my reply in English, but I am not as good as I wish in Spanish.

I fully understand your point about the download attachments in FAQ section, but there are a few reasons why we can't consider it as an option. First, we constantly keep changing the templates to improve, fix or add new functionalities. Second, all users keep changing templates too, so we believe the detailed instructions would do a much better job here. Besides that, I think 1,2,3 type instructions is the best way to explain the things and make other person to understand what he is doing. Well, I do understand that it's not an easy way in the beginning, but you need to realize that you won't get experienced with In-portal until you start working on the things yourself step by step. From our side, we'll keep posting the examples and answers (with instructions) on most frequently asked questions in order to make your live easier.

Thank you for understanding.