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Posted: 11/17/2004 3:41:48 PM

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Anyone have examples of all the modules working. I'm curious to see how all the modules fit together in a real life situation. I'm not sure I understand newz, is it just a glorified version of announcments on a bulletin?

Is it possible to import local and national news feeds?

Posted: 11/17/2004 5:30:41 PM

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Hi Cory,

I am not aware of any highly customized sites that use all three modules. We published them only a couple weeks ago :wink:

There are a few sites that look like our demo. The demo can be found at

I would not call it a glorified version of announcements, because it has a system of ratings, reviews, artcile lead and archive capabilities, along with sorting, editor's picks, etc. We don't have any import or export features yet.