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Maybe we should've waited longer ! (12)

Posted: 11/08/2004 1:44:57 AM

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I successfully installed In-portal with In-Link.So far I came across a few shortcomings :
1.If you type a space ( space bar ) into the Search field and perform a search you get a series of errors. I've got the same result with my site and with In-portal Demo site.
2.One function which I would've thought is indispensable for any link management system, is currently not working.I am referring at the function of viewing the pending categories and links within a easy to find and see page.Instead you have to manually browse to every category and approve each pending entity manually.This version should not have been released without this feature working properly.The last two years I stayed on the side line and observed the saga of unhappy In-link clients due to lack of new releases.I abstained from making any comments because I hoped that the imminent release will be almost faultless.Not So.
I run a directory with 2500 members and 5000 links . I receive approx. 100 new submissions per week and currently I cannot browse within my 180 categories to verify and approve every link.
3.The supplied In-portal manual in my opinion lacks substance.The concept of functionality that In-Portal is based on is totally new and quite revolutionary in some areas.When you make such a drastic innovation to your core product you expect extensive educational material to train you clients.I am especially referring to the system of allocating permissions, it is extremely powerful and complex and yet we get two paragraphs of explanations within the manual.Where are the step by step examples accompanied by screen-shots for every operation?
4.I am not a programmer but I am a savvy user.In my opinion my site has slowed down by half in it's response time since I upgraded to In-Portal.
5.One very annoying feature ( and this comes as a comment from the users of my site) is the fact that once you perform a search ,the search term remains in the search box and continues to filter all browsing done within other categories.You will only be able to view in your browsing links which contain your search term.The only way to reset it is by closing your browser and starting again.
6.Quite a few of the language tags are misspelled and therefore do not show properly within In-Link

My sincere hope is that all of these unexpected shortcomings will be addressed effectively and allow user like me , who believed that this release is an almost perfect one, to resume the use and regain lost confidence in this once brilliant product.

Posted: 11/08/2004 3:36:25 PM

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Hello Codrin,

I am sorry about your difficulties with the program. Let me address each one of your concerns:

1) We already know about this bug, and it's fixed in the upcoming update.

2) This feature was originally planned, but it did not make it into 1.0.4 release, due to some problems that came up during late testing. It is coming in the next update.

3) Could you please be more specific regarding what you want to see in the manual? The screenshots will be added at some point, they are a lot of work and they increate the size of the help files dramatically. Otherwise, I thought we explained the permissions quite well: besides the two paragraphs you are referring to (which are indeed intended as overview), each module has a detailed description of each permission and what it does. I am talking about chapters (in-portal), 5.3.2 (in-link), 5.4.2 (in-newz) and 5.5.2 (in-bulletin).

4) In-portal is built on a completely different engine then In-link2. it has a lot more features and flexibility, the downside of which is more code. But we have also implemented techniques to counter that. Try enabling Tag Caching under Configuration->General. Also, we would be happy to look at your system and do some performance tests, to find out what's causing the degradation.

5) This feature was meant for the Administrative Console. I agree that it's annoying on the front-end, when it persists on all pages during browsing. I did not understand what you meant earlier in the support ticket.

6) Could you please point them out as you fix them? You can post them here or in the support. That would be great help!

Again, I am sorry about your disappointment. Unfortunately, a new release is never perfect, no matter how long it takes a product to come out. But we are committed to this product, we will address all of the issues that come up and continue introducing new features. You will see a lot of progress and movement, unlike the last year.

Posted: 11/08/2004 6:53:32 PM

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Pavel, thanks for the prompt reply!

In relation to seeing pending links and categories ,I am having a very difficult time finding them due to the number of possible categories.I am also considering the option of going back the previous version of in-link until this feature is ready.Is that possible to do?Also how can I change the current install of In-portal to point to the root directory instead of www/portal as it is now.
Do you have an ETA on the upgrade , maybe it worth waiting for it rather then regressing in versions?



Posted: 11/08/2004 6:57:02 PM

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Hello Codrin,

The update should be ready on Wednesday (11/10), or Thrusday as the latest. I would not recommend regressing the versions, but if you decide to do it, the only way is deleteing the whole thing, installing 2.3.4. from scratch and then restoring the backup.

To change the directories, you have to change the Site_Path variable and then physically move the files one level up.

In restrospect, it probably wasn't such a great idea to upgrade your live site right away....

Posted: 11/09/2004 1:26:42 AM

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Pavel , I agree , I should've waited,but you have only your-selfs to blame
as I assumed you had the system under tighter control.
Anyway we'll make the most of it by helping everyone iron out the bugs.
In relation to changing the install directory could you please be more specific , where do I find the Site_Path variable ?

Posted: 11/09/2004 2:30:15 AM

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In config.php which is in the root of your in-portal


Posted: 11/09/2004 3:42:57 AM

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Gerard , thanks for your reply. I checked my config.php and it has no reference to any site_path :

DBType = "mysql"
DBHost = "localhost"
DBUser = "xxxxxx"
DBUserPassword = "xxxxx"
DBName = "xxxxxx"
TablePrefix = "port"

[Module Versions]
In-Portal = "1.0.4"

License = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Domain = ""

Posted: 11/09/2004 4:07:13 AM

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You are right, my suggestion only works for local install.

For your online version I guess you can change the path in the admin panel > Configuration > General > Web address

But maybe it's better to wait for an answer of Intechnic


Posted: 11/09/2004 8:59:48 AM

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Hello Codrin,

The "Site_Path" variable is defined in a "ConfigurationValues" table.

Thank you.

Posted: 11/11/2004 6:10:26 PM

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Hello Dmitry,
Is that update still on track?!

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