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Want a good alternative to in-portal? (4)

Posted: 06/18/2004 7:57:36 PM

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For a couple hundred dollars (or free if you are a programmer), you can integrate PHPBB with In-link.. In-link is already half a portal and PHPBB is very customizable..

We have integrated our newsletter system (phpnews) and practice test software (wpquiz) with PHPBB. We are now having a programmer integrate in-link with PHPBB and now everything will use the PHPBB database. Then you just install the PHPBB portal hacks and it seems to me that you have everything that in-portal will...

We are about to do another site in the next week that will be using PHPBB and In-link.. Just an idea for those of you that are stuck.. To get the programming done cheap, check out

Posted: 10/07/2004 1:08:57 AM

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I have yet to see ANYBODY be able to cary over Sessions between In-Link and phpBB. If you have, please, share your code!

I, obviously, have a large amount of experiance with phpBB, and a fair amount with In-Link. I've spent countless hours attempting to do this... if you have accomplished it, please, contact me.

Posted: 10/07/2004 1:35:11 PM

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Hello John,

Haven't seen in a while... I hope everything is well with you!

Just a little hit about such integration. As you must realize there is no reason to fully rewrite session or user functionality in In-link or phpBB. After some modification (mostly additional code on both sides) you can manage In-link to handle (create/update) session functionality for phpBB and vice versa. The same way with users.

I hope this helps.


Posted: 10/12/2004 4:41:16 AM

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Hey Dmitry,

Yes, all is very well. I'm working like a slave dog trying to finish a bunch of projects. Needed a break so thought I'd stop by and see what's happening with you guys.

In regards to this session issue... if you have a way to be able to carry session values from in-link to phpbb and back, all within the same login, I'd love to have you post that for us. I'd be curious to see how you did it.

Thanks and I do hope all is going well for the whole gang over there!