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What the heck... ??? (2)

Posted: 04/27/2004 1:18:01 PM

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Hey there, is there something we should know about In-Portal? I think not as you aren't giving any hint of the development status since last year. There aren't news neither in the beta-testers forum as I'm one of the guys that tested it.

I'm beginning to think that nothing will ever be released, that I wasted my time tryin' to debug this damn thing (that btw worked quite well) and I wasted my money even using In-Link given that I actually have problems exporting my data to other open source products.

I hope that someone will read one day at least this post and send us an answer. I don't care anymore if In-Portal will be released or not... It's just a matter of loyalty to your customers to be honest about it. Once for all.

Hope to hear someone of In-Tech soon,
MrDisaster - An Angry BetaTester

Posted: 04/28/2004 7:27:48 PM

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Dear Angy BetaTester (Federico, i believe?),

I am sorry to hear that you feel you wasted your time, and that you don't care any more. Thanks for all your help that you had provided.

Even though you don't want to participate in the beta testing any more, please know that you are still entiteled to your copy per our beta agreement.

If you have any more questions for me, please use PM feature on this forum or send me an email.