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In-Portal Time Table (43)

Posted: 12/18/2002 11:28:00 PM

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I read somewhere in these forums that you guys were trying to get something out the door by the end of the year. Just checking to see if that is still an accurate time table or if there is a better ball-park date that you would like to share. I am waiting patiently just looking for a ball-park, not going to hold you to it, guess on a time table for In-Portal.

Posted: 12/19/2002 3:25:00 PM

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As a matter of fact we are. The plan is to release a BETA by the end of the year. No idea if it is going to happen yet, but we are on track for at least a completed ALPHA version by the end of the month and then a BETA early January.

Posted: 12/25/2002 2:39:00 PM

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Come on, be fair and say it as it is:

In Portal will never come

Look at your postings through out the year, they all say the same:

There is a delay... we're working on it... we hope to have a beta soon... etc etc

All just phrases. Look at No Screenshots - np news fpr 2 months

I paid for in-link and I like to see a new version soon, forget about promissing thing that won't ever come to light. Work on in-Link 3 and release it in a short time.

Or show us some pictures, screenshots, some code or something from in-portal. I personally can't believe that this shouldn't be possible if it relly exists!

Posted: 12/25/2002 4:45:00 PM

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Yeah let's be fair. We have discussed this over and over already.

They are working on In-Link3. It will be a module of In-Portal.

No offense, but if all you're going to do is complain, why bother?

It seems as if you are already are convinced In-Portal will never come out.

Oh yes, I see. Andrew, Pavel, Stoyan, and the gang just lied about this whole time!

God your right. How devious of them to concoct this daily April Fools joke on us.

Yes I see it all clearly now. This is a monumental plan set forth for many years. A plan my friends put into action for one reason and one reason only.

However, first, let's retrace this plan from its inception. And how it grew from a harmless prank to a colossal vile evil malicious entity. Hell bent on causing chaos and destruction to hundreds of unsuspecting small business owners, in not only the U.S…. but THE WORLD! (Insert eerie music)

A company is formed. A company with the sole intent of causing malice and discord amongst the populous.

They create a product called In-Link. A product not used to create links, directories, or the like. No brothers and sisters, we wouldn’t know it then, but we were only a pawn in an insidious plot to cause our own downfall. This product would eventually evolve into script capable of running a “Yahoo Like” directory.

More people were hired, they even had a hosting company. People spent money on their products not realizing they were only funding their next project. This was to be called In-Portal!

Now I realize this is only a brief history. But we must quickly realize the severity of the issue.

Here we have a company that has created a directory script. Announced a new product, which in fact has taken up considerable company resources. All just to play a cruel joke on us.

I am sure many believed this company was out to make a profit...NO you fools! It was only a trick!

They are not working on In-Portal and never have been. They only told us that so we would not complain about upgrades to In-Link since they were working on In-Portal.

Until now…
Now we know the truth. Oh thank you miket! You have made me realize my folly!

Intechnic just did this all as a joke. All the money and resources they’ve spent was truly not for profit but fun.

Thank you again miket, I owe you my life!


Posted: 12/25/2002 4:57:00 PM

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Good job Allstar, ever thought about producing movies? :wink:

Posted: 12/25/2002 5:19:00 PM

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Back to serious...

The development indeed is taking much longer, and is more difficult than we have expected. And we don't have adequate resources to accomplish all of the ambitious goals in the first release. And we have moved release dates month after month. However, we are really trying to produce a software of the next generation, using experience and feedback from In-link2 users and our own new ideas.

Frankly, I don't see why we should be "proving" this to anybody. We were against the idea even to announce In-portal's release before we had a functioning beta. So had we been more firm, you guys would not even know that it is in the works. But our users here were asking for features, participating in discussions about the future direction of In-link and were very active about it. It did not seem right and fair to keep them in the dark about In-portal and not to allow them to continue contributing ideas to the process. That's why we have announced In-portal, that's why we have explained it's structure, modules and proposed features. It was not to mislead anybody, or make false promises. It was done solely to share the direction of our software development with our users. So please take it as such, and not anything else.

And when Andrew posts that Alfa will be ready next week, and Beta possibly early January – that’s what he means. He is using the information directly from our production meetings and project schedule. And when things change, he will let you know as well.

We don’t want to post specific screen shots and discuss the details of the functionality simply because not all of them are finalized yet. We still are adding small user interface elements, rework some of the features as they conflict with newer additions and mold the administration section to achieve the most convenient tool to control the back-end of In-portal. And we don’t have any spare time to pick out the interface elements that will not change, post their screenshots, explain to everybody how we think they will work and field the feedback. Doing all that will simply delay the release by another month…

So I will ask everybody who is impatient to remain clam, don’t cause panic and make false statements. These actions will not change anything and certainly will not make the release come any sooner. Everybody is welcome to visit us in our office, take a tour of the development area and see for themselves what’s true and what’s not.

Posted: 12/25/2002 7:53:00 PM

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That's even more blabla than what I wrote

maybee I was to hard but from my point of view there is nothing more than hot air at the moment.
Why do you annouce something 'that changes everything' when it is noting more than an unclear vision of a product?
I like in-link and I ordered it although it breaks my budget for a private site.
My thought is to announce somthing that is in Alpha stage (at a minimun).
What do you think why so many people here a asking for a time shedule oder release date or betatesting or even Screen Shots?
It's because someone told them a vision of something great and they believe in early release and in getting a great product as in-link.
I don't know exactly how to describe it (and for beeing german i wrote it in wrong words).
Please say it doesn't come out before late 2003 an everything is fine, and people stop waiting for it on the end of this year (which is in a couple of days!).
Good luck.

Posted: 12/26/2002 10:27:00 AM

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I already explained why we announced the product so early (and if you don't believe me, search for posts in the fall-early winter of 2001, especially Next Generation forum).

Regarding the release dates, we are not promising any dates any more! If you noticed, we are saying Alfa and Beta, and that does not mean release. At this point, a lot of people want to know the progress. And if we cannot give another exact release date, it does not mean that we cannot tell them where things are at.

Finally, and please forgive me for being direct, "In Portal will never come" is a very straightforward statement, and I don't think you wrote it that way because English is a foreign language for you... Please refrain from these type of statements in the future.

To everybody, who still wants a release date:
We cannot promise anything at this point, but our best estimate currently is the following:
- Alpha Jan 3rd
- Beta Jan 17th-20th
- Public release in February, based on Beta results
Again, this is an estimate based on our current production schedule.

Hope this will wrap up the timeframe discussions

Pavel Kharitonov

Project Manager
Intechnic Corporation

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Posted: 12/27/2002 12:55:00 AM

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I would like to offer my services as a alpha/beta tester.


Posted: 12/27/2002 6:02:00 AM

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The correct spelling of the word is alpha not alfa!
Learn some english russian :wink:

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