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Displaying Custom Field (Front End) (1)

Posted: 01/18/2005 7:40:13 PM

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Below posted example of how to print out values of the Link custom fields.

Displaying Link Custom Field:

a. in "inlink/detail.tpl" template

<inp:l_link_field _Field="custom&quot_Customfield="field_name_textfield&quot_Default="default value&quot/>

b. in "inlink/detail/link.tpl" template

<inp:link _Field="custom&quot_Customfield="field_name_textfield&quot_Default="default value&quot/>

Please note, the <inp:link tag should only be used in a template which is called for by a GLOBAL Link tag, such as l_list_links or whatver.

Similar way custom fields of other types can be displayed. Refer to the map below:
Categories - "cat" or "m_category_field"
Users - "user" or "m_user_field"
Articles - "article" or "n_news_field"
Topic - "topic" or "bb_topic_field"

Thank you.

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