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Adding new Custom Field (Admin) (1)

Posted: 01/13/2005 10:53:04 AM

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Below you can find the map for creating/editing a custom field through the Administration console. Please note, that it work the same way for all Items (Categories, Link, Topics and so on).

Adding new "Custom field" (Admin)

Field Id - (none-editable)
Field Name - fieldname of custom field (can't have special character (spaces, and so on) + lower case only)
Field Label - Language tag indicator for the custom field (must be added/changed in Languages later)

Administration Panel UI
Show on the general tab - option to display custom field on the "General" tab when editing the Item (where you edit Name, Dates and so on)
Heading - Language tag (i.e. "la_custom_setting&quot for "Heading" section which will separate your custom field from other ones on "General" tab. Use the same Language tag when create other custom fields to have them listed under the same section.
Field Prompt - Language tag for
Input Type - select one of the options in dropdown
List of Values - list of available options defined in the following format "0=la_language_tag,1=la_language_tag1,2=la_other_language_tag" and so on

a. This is how dropdown type custom field sould look like.
b. This is how radio button type custom field sould look like.
c. After that the list of custom fields created for that Item (Links, Categories, User ...) would look like this list custom fields
d. On your Add Link (or other Item) screen you'll see custom fields listed this way - Add Link.

1. None of the options from "Administration Panel UI" will be active if "Show on the general tab" is un-checked.
2. Remember that names for Language tags should not contain any special characters like spaces, %, quotes and so on. Also, please use English charcters to name Language tags when the translation/value can be in any language. You should think of them as names of the variables, when the value can be anything. In our examples Language tags start with la_. For example example, "la_variable_name" - name of the Language tag and "Variable Name" is a value of that Language tag.
3. The custom fields of "checkbox" type (In Admin) can be easily substituted with two "radiobuttons". On the Front End we'll have to manually define all custom fields manually anyway.

Thank you.

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