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Upgade from In-link2 (1)

Posted: 01/08/2005 11:16:22 PM

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General instructions on how to perform In-portal Installation and Data Transfer from In-link 2.3.x. Please refer to the In-portal documentation (chapter 3) for compete installation instructions.

Download & Installation process
In-link3 is one of In-portal modules, and not a stand-alone program like In-link2. In order to have In-link3 up and running you will need to download and install the In-portal Platform. Please note, that there are separate archives for each module and for the In-portal Platform itself.

Perform the following actions once you have downloaded the archives from My Account and saved them locally in the same folder:
1. Uncompress In-portal Platform files. This will automatically create "in-portal" folder.
2. Uncompress your In-link3 files. This will automatically put all the necessary files in the right places under already existing "in-portal" folder.
3. Upload the content of "in-portal" folder to your web space on the server. You may also rename the directory to anything you wish, or upload the contents of the directory into the root of your web site. Please note: DO NOT upload the In-portal files into your existing In-link2 web space. If you wish to replace In-link2, move all of its files somewhere else and then upload In-portal, however we strongly recommend setting up In-portal and In-link3 in a test location first.
4. Start the installation by running "" script. As a suggestion, we recommend to specify a "Table Prefix" (i.e. inp_) when entering your DB info.

Front-end Themes
Please note that In-portal and all its modules are built on new, advanced Template Parser. Old In-link2 templates and tags are no longer supported, which means that you will have to redo the themes. We suggest to start with one of the In-portal themes (default or In-link2) and make the necessary adjustments to match your existing In-link2 themes.

Data Transfer from In-link2

Once In-portal installation has been successfully completed you can start transferring your In-link2 data:
1. Login in to the Administrative Console and go to the Tools->Import->In-link2 section.
2. Enter your In-link2 DB info.
3. Specify the initial category for the import and the Link Image field. For the first one, we recommend to point it to default category of In-link3 module - the "Directory" category. The second, in most of the cases, is "link_image". This is a field, which contains Image value in In-link2.

The import script will automatically create all necessary records (including custom fields). We strongly recommend to backup your original In-link2 prior to performing the transfer.

Good luck with your projects!

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