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Centered Fixed Width Web Page Instead of Fluid 100% layout? (3)

Posted: 05/27/2011 11:02:23 PM

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Hi Peeps, I am running the advanced theme in 3 column mode. I am wanting to change it from a fluid 100% layout to a fixed width centered look (using div's). I know I can add wrappers and such to do it. I am wondering though if anyone has done it and could post me the code. It would really save be some time of messing around with it.

Has anyone done this yet? I am sure someone has! Please help me out if ya can.. It would really save me some time... I have so many links and content to add already..

Please help if you have made these changes.

Thanks do much in advance!

Posted: 05/28/2011 3:52:06 AM

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Not much messing is needed, since you only should wrap divs in platform/desings folder.

Posted: 05/28/2011 8:40:52 AM

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I just spent the time, so Here is the code to help anyone else out.

wrap the div below around existing div template found at platform/designs/default_design.des.tpl

<div style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 1024px; text-align: left">


Hope that helps anyone... I know, I know.. I messed around for 3 minutes :)